Chemical Resistent Laminate

Chemical Resistent Laminate



With the performance of anti-corrosion, resistance to various acid and alkali substance and chemical reagent, Chemical Resist-tent Laminate is processed to be a special HPL especially in the application of table surface in laboratory, hospital, test center, and medicine, food service etc. Chem-Surf laminate, thickness range from 0.6mm-1.0mm, laminated on substrate of MDF, Particle Board, or Plywood etc. Solid Laminate, thickness range from 5mm-25mm, directly used as table or counter tops.
Science, food and technology.
Health and safety demands that labs, kitchens and workshops for teaching are hygienic, and able to withstand chemicals, staining and impact. We recommend Widerdare laminates in these contexts because they are heat and chemical resistant, can be cleaned quickly at the end of a lesson, and maintain their professional good looks.
Laminate-faced panels and furnishings are appreciated by students, teachers and cleaning staff alike. For heavy duty applications, consider Compact Grade laminate for its extra strength and its enhanced performance in wet and humid conditions.
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chemical resistant HPL(Chemical Resistant Laminate) contains the qualities as:
1. Chemical resistance
2. Wearing resistance
3. Impact resistance
4. Water and warping resistance
5. High temperature resistance
6. easy cleaning and maintained
Thickness range: 0.8mm-25mm

Size available (mm)
1220x1830, 1220x2440, 1220x3050
1220x3660, 1300x2800, 1310x3050
1530x3050, 1530x3660



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