Compact Grade HPL

Compact Grade HPL



Solid phenolic board is constructed with resin-impregnated material compressed under high heat and pressure and covered by a decorative melamine face on both sides. The result is an extremely durable, impact and water resistant material. Phenolic is supplied with melamine surfaces, so it is offered in the same, almost limitless color and pattern selections that plastic laminate is. Unlike plastic laminate, however, the phenolic is a solid material, so there is no core material needed, thus eliminating the problem of delamination. This makes phenolic an ideal product for wet, humid applications. Phenolic is also highly impact resistant, making it a good choice for vandalism prone areas. All hardware is heavy-duty cast stainless steel.

Used in toilet partitions, table tops, worktops, bench tops, furniture surfaces, laboratory furniture, toilet cubicle, hospital table tops.

The variety of colours and patterns in The Collection helps you to design light and bright study spaces to suit each age group and curriculum area. An infants' classroom, a primary school library, a secondary school resource centre / ICT suite, a college lecture theatre – all can encourage effective learning by careful choice of Widerdare materials.
Laminate surfaces wipe clean easily and have the advantage of longevity with continuing attractive looks despite wear and tear. This sustained quality of appearance encourages students to take pride in their surroundings.

Laminate-faced panels and furnishings are appreciated by students, teachers and cleaning staff alike. For heavy duty applications, consider Compact Grade laminate for its extra strength and its enhanced performance in wet and humid conditions.

1) Widely used in surface decoration of rooms, offices, compartments, partitions, kitchens, sideboards, furniture and laboratory table tops
2) finish of matte, abrasive, glossy, embossed
3) Solid colors\Wooden grain
4) wear-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-static, chemical resistant

Thickness range: 2mm-25mm
Sizes available(mm):
1220x1830, 1220x2440, 1220x3050
1220x3660, 1300x2800, 1310x3050
1530x3050, 1530x3660, 1830x3660



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