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Anti-static HPL

Computer Room Access Flooring system Using HPL tiles
HPL tile System can be customized to the specific needs of computer rooms with heavy equipment such as mainframes or servers. The tiles are fixed to flat head pedestal and stringers to enhance their load carrying performances. Available in a choice of HPL Anti-Static, complies with static electrical dissipation needs of computer room/ clean room applications
Because of adopting nano-tenology in resin, MEIAH? antistatic HPL becomes to be reality that antistatic floor should be used where permanent static dissipation properties are required.
Thickness range: 0.8mm-25mm

Size available (mm)
1220x1830, 1220x2440, 1220x3050
1220x3660, 1300x2800, 1310x3050
1530x3050, 1530x3660,1830*3660



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