Brushed metal plate

Brushed metal plate

Solid phenolic partitions have a durable, hard surface to resist dents and impacts. The surface is also moisture resistance
and facilitates removal of marker ink, lipstick and paint without ghosting, using acetone-based cleaners.
A bathroom compartment in a bathroom includes at least one partition having a core with one or more core layers, the core
layers being made from wood or cellulose fibers which are surrounded and bound by a hot-curing resin. The core includes
pigment to provide a solid-core color. The outer surface of the core may be provided without a surface covering or may be
covered with a clear sheet of material or a sheet of material having the same color as the solid core color.
widerdare has a restroom partition system program which can produce complete turnkey or ready to install systems complete
with hardware. Experienced partition fabricators sometimes prefer to order complete panels for use in their own fabrication
Application: schools, hospitals, sports places, restaurants, supermarkets
WC partition, toilet partition, solid phenolic partition, bathroom compartment, restroom partition, WC cubicle, restroom cubicle,
toilet cubicle, bathroom partition, Toilet Partition (with stainless steel accessory)



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